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Ribbon Lei Crafter and eBay Reseller

While I am a ribbon lei crafter, I am also an eBay reseller! I have listed clothing items (pre-owned, and new), handcrafted earrings, crocheted coasters and crafting kits and everything else…on eBay! Everyday, I grab a few items to create item listings!

So far, I have at least 41 active sales as of April 1st!!!

Last night, I reviewed some item listings, theorizing why they did not sell.

Are these items not what people are shopping for at this time?

Did I set the prices up too high on specific items?

Is shipping cost too much?

Is free shipping not quite enough for an item to sell?

I can go on and on, driving myself crazy theorizing, creating assumptions of why items did not sell until I am blue in the face!!!! For now, I made some price changes on a few items and updated shipping information as well. And now, we shall wait and see what happens!

I recently made my first sale on a graduation ribbon lei and that was truly exciting!

Marketing Graduation Ribbon Leis’ has been a top priority! Marketing strategies I have used to put the word out about my lei business has been via word-of-mouth, unleashed a mass text to friends and family, and extended family members, and also having an active presence on various social media platforms such as – youtube , twitter , instagram and pinterest

I am looking into business cards…can’t decide if I want to DIY (make my own) business cards, or ordering them from a printing company.


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