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Yellow Light vs. White Light – eBay Photos

Today, I reviewed my ebay listings and came across one listing that stuck out like a sore thumb, more specifically – My Little Pony Friendship is Magic WONDERBOLTS Fluttershy~Pinkie Pie. The original picture I took for this listing is problematic, horrible lighting and extremely brown. It honestly, looks like the poor box was submerged in unidentifiable brown fish tank water!!!! This is NOT the achieved look I was going for at all as an item listing image.

So, after feeding my three littile han-gry toddlers, I proceeded to fix the issue at hand!

Here is the original, BEFORE photo. This photo was taken solely with an iphone (flash on) and yellow kitchen light. “Yellow” being the obvious inflamed adjective at fault!

AFTER photo (see below) was taken with a bright WHITE light, with an iphone (with no flash). There is such a HUGE difference in quality of image. Photo is brighter and not brown.

These are the lights I used to take the “AFTER” photos (see above).


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