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A decision I made in the past

A decision I made in the past that helped me learn and grow….was making the choice to remove toxic people in my life. Unfortunately, that meant certain close friends and family members…they know who they are!

It was a difficult choice to make but enough was enough! It was time to release myself from these specific people.

The transition of removing myself from toxic individuals was hard, because I suffered with such internal turmoil, my guilt ate me up.

Distancing myself, did not go unnoticed, they did not understand why I wasn’t taking their calls or messages, blocked their phone numbers, not showing up for holiday meals, and declined their invites.

However, despite my guilt, I stuck with my reasons why I was removing myself from them and very soon after, I realized that I am a much happier, motivated and more productive person, less stressed, less frustrated; my mental health and general mood improved – without these people and it was a wonderful feeling to be finally free from all the hate, arguing, fighting and heartache.

The decision I made was not an easy one, but it truly helped me to learn that we should never allow others to dictate how we feel or conduct ourselves.

Sometimes, we have to lose, in order to find ourselves.


2 thoughts on “A decision I made in the past”

    1. Hafa Adai (hello) David ☺️

      It is always hard to disconnect from loved ones. My heart aches, I wish it did not have to come to this. 😞 however
      from a healthy “distance” I continue to wish them the best; keep them in my prayers, send positive vibes to them and their families as they continue to be blessed , continue to thrive, stay safe and healthy.

      Thank you for stopping by, sending you good vibes your way !!!

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