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Benefits of Being Self Employed

  • Work From Home. Here. There. Anywhere!

Being self-employed, naturally, I work from home. This is where my husband, babies and dog reside – there is no place I would rather be. My favorite place to work is at the kitchen table. Where I have everything laid out and at arm’s length ready to go. This works out well for me! However, the awesomeness of being self employed is you can work anywhere…your office could be sitting at coffee shop in Italy; swinging in a hammock, at a beautiful beach front; or maybe on a cruise ship top deck watching the sunset go down!! These are all colorful ideas, but also realistic.

  • Having 100% Creative and Financial Control

Having absolute control of creative work and financial budget without the need to seek approval from management.

  • Work / Life Balance. 

I am able to create flexible work hours where I can work and still care for my children. If the need to work longer hours or holidays or weekends, I decide that for myself – there is no one above me to dictate how much overtime I need to work or decrease work hours.

  • Work Days Are Never Boring

Everyday is a different hat, and always interesting. Some days, I am working on ribbon leis, other days are spent blogging, and sometimes I could be posting items for ebay or creating and producing youtube content!

  • Work Uniforms Need Not Apply

The dreaded work uniforms! The last company I worked for; we were all required to purchase button up work uniforms. These shirts were cheaply made, itchy and lasted only up to 150 washes! I paid for 4 shirts x $50.00 in 2 years…that equated to a lot of money poorly spent. Now I don’t have to worry about that anymore. Over the years, I have happily minimized my wardrobe to comfy yoga pants + Walmart 2.00 t-shirts + mom bun…and I absolutely love it. Being self employed, itchy work uniforms need not apply!

  • Never Worried About Lay Offs

I don’t have to worry or fear that I am being laid off from work. Being self employed, I expect business will be slow, but I will never have to worry about being laid off. Besides, I am my own boss and employee, I cant lay off myself – that would make absolutely no sense at all!


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