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Small Business Goals

For the last six months, I have been actively working on getting my small business operational. Being a sole proprietor, I have been navigating this journey the best I can, learning as I go, making and calling all the shots – taking accountability for decisions I make, owning up to mistakes, and fixing issues as they come.

More Needs to Be Done

Currently, I am marketing through word-of-mouth, and posting on various platforms – youtube, Instagram, ebay and wordpress. The bulk of business I am acquiring is mostly through word-of-mouth. However, to grow the business profitable – more needs to be done!

Small Business Goals

While I have an ecommerce business established on ebay, stocked with a healthy ready-to-ship inventory, I am setting sights on a long term goal of participating in the 2024 local Farmer’s Market in the city I reside in. The farmer’s market is an annual outdoor Saturday only event that lasts from May to October where local farmers, chefs, and crafters show up and show out their best garden-grown produce, homestyle cooking and homemade items to sell!

Unfortunately, I am not able to participate in this year’s farmer’s market because I was too late to sign up and do not have enough inventory! However, though I am disappointed, it is okay, because I will utilize  the next 12 months to prepare for next year 2024 farmer’s market.

  Getting Ready

To prepare (but not in this exact order):

  • Research Craft fairs and farmers markets – how they work? What to expect? How to set up? etc
  • Familiarize myself with farmer market rules and vendor requirements
  • Craft materials, everything I need to make leis  
  • Inventory – How many to make? How to price sell items?

There is so much to do, such little time! Don’t know where to start…but I’m just gonna dive right in…let’s see what happens! Stay tuned, ya’ll!


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