Hi! I am Isla, a full time eBay seller,  and YouTube content creator, Isla Survives eBay! I am also a ribbon lei crafter. Since graduation season is fast approaching, I have been so busy making leis. Many of the leis I make are all ready to be shipped. Stop by my eBay store and check them out!

Since the tender age of 16, I have always had a job either working for someone or a company, but recently grew some figurative balls (yes, I said figurative balls!!!!) with the encouragement from a strong bottle of liquid courage, decided to go rouge …. To become my own bosslady !

My intent with this blog is to document my self employment journey – so that means the good , the bad and the ugly and everything in between !!!

So here we go!!!!

I hope y’all will stick around for whatever happens !

You can find me on social media platforms