My Coupon Binder

In my previous post, “Couponing for 30 Days” I wrote about having a coupon binder. I thought I would share my coupon binder and show you how it is put together. My binder is a 3 ring, 2-inch wide binder.  Inside, is where all the coupon magic happens. It has several different functional parts to… Continue reading My Coupon Binder

Preparing for a frugal baby

As of current time, I am 25 weeks into my pregnancy. In my mind, I have 100+ weeks to go (no, not really, but honestly, it feels like that most days!) As we get closer to our delivery date, we are slowly preparing for baby’s delivery + home coming. Luckily, we have a bulk of… Continue reading Preparing for a frugal baby

Frugal Monthly Budget – Update

Happy New Year Ya'll! This is an update to my post Frugal Monthly Budget - in that post, I specifically, stated word-for-word the following statement "This may seem like a challenge.”…well let me be completely honest with you my friends...this declaration was the most overrated statement for all of 2019! My frugal monthly budget challenge… Continue reading Frugal Monthly Budget – Update

Etsy Handbook – Camera and Equipment

The very first Etsy article I read was entitled Choosing Your Camera and Equipment As Etsy sellers there are four types of cameras to consider: smartphone camera: compact (or point-and-shoot) cameras DSLR cameras mirrorless system cameras The camera tools to consider to take REALLY GOOD product photos such as: lenses tripods Camera remotes and triggers… Continue reading Etsy Handbook – Camera and Equipment