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I Heart Yoga Pants!

I heart yoga pants! Yep, you read that right! I am unequivocally, undeniably addicted to yoga pants, 24/7, three-hundred65!, 8 days a week! #YogaPantsLife! If ever given the choice to choose between denim skinny jeans or yoga pants…Which one would I wear for the rest of my life?! Of course, primetime choice would be ride-or-die-forever… Continue reading I Heart Yoga Pants!

20 hours to Learn A new Skill, home schooling

What About Home Schooling Curriculum? How To Pick One?

This is a continuation for home schooling. Prior to planning and penciling a Pre K curriculum, I thought it was necessary to answer the following questions before I set forth on a curriculum. So here we go: What is my teaching style?What is my daughter’s learning style?What does Texas law state regarding curriculum ? Eclectic… Continue reading What About Home Schooling Curriculum? How To Pick One?

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Texas, a homeschooling friendly state!

This post is a continuation, a personal quest educating myself on how to home school in Texas. There was so much I learned just by personal research. After all the note taking and book marking on homeschooling, I compiled what I thought would be the most informative and pertinent information to share with yall. The… Continue reading Texas, a homeschooling friendly state!

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How in the world do I go about homeschooling?

Much like most subjects, skills, or crafts that I am not familiar with or have zero knowledge about, I like to spend at least 20 hours at minimum researching a subject, and teaching myself based on the information I found, and then, of course my favorite part...applying everything I learned to work . For example,… Continue reading How in the world do I go about homeschooling?


Healing, Blessings and Strides

Since last October, a decision was made to walk away from all work activities, blogging, creating You Tube content, stopped researching, closed shop on all projects, and terminated “Learn how to ebay” project for another time in the future.   For months, after baby arrived in May 2020, it was obvious that I was not… Continue reading Healing, Blessings and Strides


Understanding the Etsy Handbook

Selling online is very new to me. Creating an online store with having not a clue of where to begin is completely in another universe of comprehension and just plain scary like a horror/suspense sci-fi movie! However just like anything, such as a new car, a football-sized yacht, a spaceship, a new computer or kitchen… Continue reading Understanding the Etsy Handbook


My Etsy store – Coffee With Isla is officially open!

Hi Everyone, It seems like a crazy long while since I posted anything new! I have been working on my Etsy Store, creating leis, doing inventory, advertising, shopping around for vendors…. finally after 200+ cups of coffee, and more hours than I can count on my fingers, my Etsy store – Coffee With Isla is… Continue reading My Etsy store – Coffee With Isla is officially open!


Product Review: Dance / Bike Shorts

It's been a hot Texas minute since my last product review on Playtex bottles, so I decided to do one on a recent purchase I made from Amazon: URATOT 6 Pack Stripe Bike Shorts Underwear Shorts Girls' Dance Shorts 6 Colors My little one hit an astronomical growth spurt this summer, which required me to… Continue reading Product Review: Dance / Bike Shorts


Walking in Heels

“Learning how to walk in heels is not impossible – it just takes patience perseverance, persistence and prayer!”  I thought this analogy, complemented my situation the best! Let me explain! In my previous post I wrote about resigning from my job to stay home with my little one full time. However, despite separating myself from… Continue reading Walking in Heels