Walking in Heels

“Learning how to walk in heels is not impossible – it just takes patience perseverance, persistence and prayer!”  I thought this analogy, complemented my situation the best! Let me explain! In my previous post I wrote about resigning from my job to stay home with my little one full time. However, despite separating myself from… Continue reading Walking in Heels

Toddler Formula and Solid Foods

My first post I wrote was entitled Should I feed my baby infant formula? In that post, I explained our crazy quest for baby formula, and finding the right one for baby as there are so many to choose from! We ran into so many hiccups - but eventually, we figured it out. It came down to us… Continue reading Toddler Formula and Solid Foods

DIY video: How to add hanging loops on baby cloth towels

Hafa Adai everyone I posted another  DIY video, How to add hanging loops on baby cloth towels https://youtu.be/zw1zjTiSlVc Here is what you need for this project: + a towel (I used a baby cloth for this video) + sewing machine + scissors + left over fabric (I used cotton) + string or yarn + cloth… Continue reading DIY video: How to add hanging loops on baby cloth towels

The benefits of toddler Cup Stacking

For about 2 months now, Lah-Lah, our little one, has had such an interesting fascination for stacking objects - particularly, drinking cups.  At first she started stacking only just 2 cups during play time.  Observing this new playtime behavior, I spend time with her, playing on the floor with cups. She enjoys building stack-able towers,… Continue reading The benefits of toddler Cup Stacking