Using Proxy Clips for Video Editing in KDenLive

Hafa Adai Everyone, Happy Pre-Labor Holiday! Prior to editing this week’s video, I discovered Proxy Clips. Proxy clips is a copy of a video recording which temporally reduces the image, size and quality for the purpose of speeding up the video editing and previewing process on slower computer machines, like mine, Lenovo, IdeaPad 330S. On… Continue reading Using Proxy Clips for Video Editing in KDenLive

Video Editing with KDenlive

Hello and Hafa Adai My Friends I worked on my first-ever YouTube Video Edit using KDenLive Version 20.08.0 ! At first glance, I was intimidated by all the shiny buttons – not understanding their purpose or functionality.  It took me about 5 hours of trial and error to edit an 11-ish minute video of folding… Continue reading Video Editing with KDenlive