Etsy Handbook – Camera and Equipment

The very first Etsy article I read was entitled Choosing Your Camera and Equipment As Etsy sellers there are four types of cameras to consider: smartphone camera: compact (or point-and-shoot) cameras DSLR cameras mirrorless system cameras The camera tools to consider to take REALLY GOOD product photos such as: lenses tripods Camera remotes and triggers… Continue reading Etsy Handbook – Camera and Equipment

Understanding the Etsy Handbook

Selling online is very new to me. Creating an online store with having not a clue of where to begin is completely in another universe of comprehension and just plain scary like a horror/suspense sci-fi movie! However just like anything, such as a new car, a football-sized yacht, a spaceship, a new computer or kitchen… Continue reading Understanding the Etsy Handbook

My Etsy store – Coffee With Isla is officially open!

Hi Everyone, It seems like a crazy long while since I posted anything new! I have been working on my Etsy Store, creating leis, doing inventory, advertising, shopping around for vendors…. finally after 200+ cups of coffee, and more hours than I can count on my fingers, my Etsy store – Coffee With Isla is… Continue reading My Etsy store – Coffee With Isla is officially open!

Product Review: Dance / Bike Shorts

It's been a hot Texas minute since my last product review on Playtex bottles, so I decided to do one on a recent purchase I made from Amazon: URATOT 6 Pack Stripe Bike Shorts Underwear Shorts Girls' Dance Shorts 6 Colors My little one hit an astronomical growth spurt this summer, which required me to… Continue reading Product Review: Dance / Bike Shorts

Walking in Heels

“Learning how to walk in heels is not impossible – it just takes patience perseverance, persistence and prayer!”  I thought this analogy, complemented my situation the best! Let me explain! In my previous post I wrote about resigning from my job to stay home with my little one full time. However, despite separating myself from… Continue reading Walking in Heels