36 weeks and 4 days in

Hafa Adai My Beautiful Friends! It has been awhile since I posted anything new. In April, my family decided it was time that I needed to slow down, focus on my health, cut back on stress, slow down on blog writing, put crafting projects on hold, postpone coupon shopping hauls tentatively and temporarily shut down… Continue reading 36 weeks and 4 days in


Grocery Shopping Efficiency

If I am not using grocery curbside or home delivery service, my choice of grocery store is Aldi, it’s a small enough grocery store to navigate through with groceries reasonably priced that won’t break the bank! Seriously! Create a grocery list that flows with Aldi (or your favorite grocery store, i.e. HEB, Walmart, Krogers, Trader… Continue reading Grocery Shopping Efficiency


Minimizing Chaos – Weeknight teamwork

If the kids take lunches to school, instruct the kids to lay out lunch boxes on the kitchen counter everyday after school. While you are in your kitchen in the evening making dinner: Sanitize lunch pails Fill them up with items that do not require refrigeration such as boxed drinks, water, snack bags with chips… Continue reading Minimizing Chaos – Weeknight teamwork


Minimizing chaos – Taking a day to prepare for the next week

Prior to becoming a stay-at-home-mom, my weekdays were filled with chaos! I needed to do something quick. There was a lot of time and negative energy spent inflicting unnecessary anxiety on myself and others because I did not have my act together!   Needing to fix my broken ways, I flipped on my “Adulting In Progress”… Continue reading Minimizing chaos – Taking a day to prepare for the next week