Minimizing chaos during my day

An ordinary day with my toddler is an unpredictable messy adventure. The house is in disarray, toys, and dirty laundry scattered on the floor and really everywhere. Kitchen counter tops are masked with dirty bottles, dishes, and containers large or small. It was an overwhelming feeling of defeat, not being able to maintain homely order.… Continue reading Minimizing chaos during my day

Minimize Chaos – Online Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is an absolute must-do on a weekly basis. Once a week, usually on a Saturday, we do the bulk of our shopping on this day for basic groceries - such as food, toiletries and household supplies.  As a family, we all get in the car and off to the grocery store we go!… Continue reading Minimize Chaos – Online Grocery Shopping

Minimizing Chaos – Staying focused

Still on a personal quest to minimizing chaos - I noticed I needed “samurai-ninja-like focus”. There are countless times, where my mind goes “Squuuirrrrellll!!” when something shiny or new catches my attention. My unreliable mental to-do list that I have drawn out in my head with stick people and magic smelly markers that I heavily… Continue reading Minimizing Chaos – Staying focused

Minimizing chaos – Taking a day to prepare for the next week

Prior to becoming a stay-at-home-mom, my weekdays were filled with chaos! I needed to do something quick. There was a lot of time and negative energy spent inflicting unnecessary anxiety on myself and others because I did not have my act together!   Needing to fix my broken ways, I flipped on my “Adulting In Progress”… Continue reading Minimizing chaos – Taking a day to prepare for the next week