Couponing at Walgreens

Hafa Adai Everyone! I went couponing at Walgreens, yesterday, 3/1 and Monday, 3/2! There were deals I could not ignore, or pass up! Your friend the newbee couponer will show you a step-by-step guide of how I obtained these deals and my take away from this coupon trip. It was a little confusing but with… Continue reading Couponing at Walgreens


Should I feed my baby infant formula?

Sometime during our pregnancy or before we head to the delivery room, or shortly after delivery, we decide whether to breastfeed, bottle feed or mix-feed our babies. Initially, my intent was to mix-feed (breastfeed with supplemental feeding with infant formula.) However, after baby arrived, I experienced a double dilemma: I had difficulties in producing enough… Continue reading Should I feed my baby infant formula?