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Offering Free Shipping on my eBay Store?

As of today, I have 27 active sales in my eBay store. Since posting my items, I have thought about offering free shipping (on MOST shop items, with the exception of a few) After running circles upstairs in my crazy brain and consumed half a dozen of Bavarian filled chocolate donuts, went ahead and revised… Continue reading Offering Free Shipping on my eBay Store?

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Everyday is an eBay Day

Everyday is an eBay day. The goal is to post at least 3 items everyday – anything from handcrafted, new, or pre-owned. As of current I posted 23 items, and 222 more to go until March 30th. The ribbon leis that were originally listed on Etsy are all uploaded to eBay. eBay is a new… Continue reading Everyday is an eBay Day

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Ribbon Leis by Isla

So far to current, I have posted five different ribbon leis on eBay while more ribbon lei listings will become available in the next few days. While making leis today, I realized I’ve been so wrapped up in ribbon lei work, that I have not shared any finished items with ya’ll for a look-see! (Honestly,… Continue reading Ribbon Leis by Isla

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Small Beginnings

Googling small business startup stories, I found an interesting article on about David Wehle, the creator of the fox adventure game, The First Tree. David had no experience in coding; however, this did not limit his personal aspirations in making a video game. He used Unity and Play maker, visual scripting tools to make… Continue reading Small Beginnings

Business Start Up / Working from Home

Setting Business Goals

Hafa Adai My Friends! It was really exciting to finally have Hafa Adai Isla up and going! I could not wait to share this news with everyone! Even though, I posted just a few things up as of current day, I will be posting more items in the next week and then moving forward, as… Continue reading Setting Business Goals

20 hours to Learn A new Skill

Video Editing with KDenlive

Hello and Hafa Adai My Friends I worked on my first-ever YouTube Video Edit using KDenLive Version 20.08.0 ! At first glance, I was intimidated by all the shiny buttons – not understanding their purpose or functionality.  It took me about 5 hours of trial and error to edit an 11-ish minute video of folding… Continue reading Video Editing with KDenlive


Understanding the Etsy Handbook

Selling online is very new to me. Creating an online store with having not a clue of where to begin is completely in another universe of comprehension and just plain scary like a horror/suspense sci-fi movie! However just like anything, such as a new car, a football-sized yacht, a spaceship, a new computer or kitchen… Continue reading Understanding the Etsy Handbook