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Nothing But Leis !

This week I took a good, hard, raw, up close personal view of my youtube channel, ebay store, and word press blog. And honestly, it was a hot mess, I am all over the place!

It is not good for business: I cant make and sell leis and be a reseller of random stuff! I really, really thought I could do both – but I cant, and neither can I have it all; it’s too much! It was obvious, I am doing one too many things.

I needed to take a step back and remember why I wanted to go into business for myself in the first place, above all other reasons – I wanted to craft leis.

Making leis is a happy place, a skill that I truly enjoy.

Selling random things like clothing, and toys its not for me at all. Neither do I have the patience for it!

So, I did some housecleaning, on my youtube and ebay store – removed all none related lei content, so that meant kids toys, crafting kits, and all clothing.

I also changed my youtube channel name to Hafa Adia Isa.

Check out my ebay, and youtube channel for all the changes that were made. All you will find is nothing but leis !


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